December 30th, 2001


I say, I say, I say

Okay, lets clear this up right now. You might well walk into a butchers shop,
and once there you might enquire about another employee. The butcher may
indeed then tell you that he was sacked for putting his cock in the bacon

But under no circumstances will your next question be "what happened to
the bacon slicer?". You will be far more likely to say, "Why on earth did he do
that?" or "Is he badly injured?" or even "Wasnt it a bit harsh to sack him when
you may in fact be legally culpable for poor health and safety procedures?".
Even if you are on the look-out for a cheap second-hand bacon slicer, youd
be best advised to show some kind of sympathy if you want to get it at
knock-down rates.

People tell these stories, but theres no psychological realism to them.
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