December 27th, 2001


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Christ, Ive done it for another year. Away with the insincere supposed "greetings" in those daft pieces of recycling I keep getting sent. Away with all those chocolates I get sent by everyone whos related to me because they dont me well enough to choose a present (I usually return the favour with gift vouchers). Actually I suppose I didnt do so badly for presents this year. My parents gave me one of those little vacuum cleaners that you use to clean your keyboard, which would be quite useful if werent for the facts that a) they never work and b) who uses a hoover to clean up coffee? And the only
present that Im tempted to give to the charity shop was actually a present from the charity shop, which is an ethical dilemma Ive never had before.
This will in fact be one of my favourite Christmases, since its the first time in my life that I didnt cause myself extreme physical pain through over-eating. My interest in SM actually came from the endorphin rush I usually get between the third and fourth dessert, so this was something of an achievement.
I have made a kind of unofficial non-deal with the local cats charity to look after their website (a damn sight easier than looking after the cats) in return for an old scanner, so hopefully some of my cartoons will soon appear on my website.
... just heard on the news that the government is trying to disuade kids from taking drugs like "ecstasy, cocaine or heroin" at New Years parties. Is heroin really a party drug? Perhaps I go to the wrong clubs.
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