December 13th, 2001


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My cat has been diagnosed with FIV, which is the feline version of HIV and operates in more or less the same way. The vet has advised me to put him to sleep, but weve looked after an FIV cat before and I dont see any reason to give up yet. In the meantime Im feeding him liquid food with a syringe, which I bought from the chemists yesterday. Perhaps Im just naive but I imagined that if I went into the chemists asking to buy a syringe everyone would know I was trying to look after a poorly little pussy cat rather than shoot myself up with heroin, but people will jump to conclusions.
I did this in the middle of a 40 mile cycle ride to Malton for a New Deal interview. I have felt that my jobsearch activities could perhaps be tempered by the fact that I do actually have a job, but no, I had to waste an entire day so someone could transfer some notes from one form to another. I didnt really listen to what she was saying, jobsearch this and placement that, the truth of it is that I only receive National Insurance credits for signing on and the only sanction they can apply against me at the moment is to stop them for two weeks which scarcely leaves me quaking in my boots, so I doubt that Im going to co-operate from now on. Im spending two and half hours a day
cycling at the moment just to do my job, and I dont fancy increasing that number, or for that matter wasting entire days for pointless job centre interviews.
Although gobsmackingly the jobcentre have actually come up with a Good Idea, which is to subsidise my wages for six months to the tune of 50 a week, in exchange for the shop increasing my hours to 16 (at which point I can no longer sign on). For some reason though the shop cant get their head around this and believe they should give me 24 hours so I can keep the entire subsidy. No amount of grabbing them by the neck yelling "Youre a fucking charity for Gods sake, take the money" can snap them out of this.
Ho hum. Channel 4 apologised twice for Madonna swearing on the Turner Prize, whatever happened to arts power to shock?
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