November 17th, 2001


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I wouldnt have guessed that Id one day make my living from sorting out clothes, but here I am after a week at the charity shop and the jobs actually quite fun. Ive even found a couple of things that I might want if I suddenly lose half my size. The most disgusting find so far was a suit that the original owner had obviously pissed himself in, although I gather that my superviser once found a used condom among the donations. My main problem is identifying the stuff thats too unfashionable to be sold. As far as Im
concerned its almost all unfashionable, and charity shops get a lot of unfashionable customers.
Actually getting there is a complete nightmare, cycling disasters this week have included a puncture, a broken gear cable and a seized up chain, and on Tuesday the road was too icy to cycle anyway. It seems terribly unfair that such an easy job is making me so knackered.
Anne had her photo taken earlier this week as a publicity shot for the Open University. They insisted on posing her in front of the surrounding countryside, so if a Goth version of Wuthering Heights is the kind of thing that might tempt you into a part-time degree course nows your chance. And I have just won the caption contest in Desire magazine. My prize is a copy of "White Trash Whore vol 16". Do not expect a review in the near future.

New website

I have finally bothered myself to update the content of my website. I�ve taken down all the guff about bisexuality and replaced it with a portfolio of my writing from over the long and unprofitable years - stories, zine extracts, poems and the like. A few more things might go up in the near future. It�s at