October 27th, 2001


Well, fuck my hat

I hate it when I get really depressed about something and then reality doesnt follow through. It turns out that I actually got the charity shop job I went for last week, and I only had to tell three lies to get it. I even managed to get to the second interview on time, although I could have done without the pedal of my bike falling off. From now on, my strengths and talents will be used for sorting out clothes and carrying boxes upstairs, and cycling for two and a half hours to do three hours work. I love it here!
Of course my New Deal advisor was delighted, and immediately tried to find ways of stopping me taking the job up by finding other jobs I could do instead. Theres no satisfying some people. In fact the two main reactions Ive had to my success are "never mind, you might get a proper job one day" and "youre stupid".
Ive been wondering recently how many people are actually employed in the unemployment industry - ie, staff in jobcentres, benefit agencies, training centres, voluntary schemes and so on. Because if we ever achieve full employment, theyll all be out of work. And then therell be no one to deal with their claims.
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