October 19th, 2001


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Last week the DSS stopped our claim due to a mistake. Fortunately they realised their mistake and reinstated the claim the same day.
Between stopping the claim and reinstating it though, they managed to tell the Council Tax Benefit people that theyd stopped our claim, which apparently is not their problem. To reinstate this we have to fill in a form which seems to be the first book in an autobiographical trilogy, taking my life up to the age of seven when I had to go to big school.
Went to Scarborough in the afternoon, just as Scarborough was having an anthrax scare. I can just hear Bin Laden now - "today Congress, tomorrow a seaside town in the North of England". I suspect that the council were behind it to make Scarborough seem more important. Probably Middlesbrough will have one now as part of their bid to become a city.
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