October 15th, 2001


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Just back from a job interview at a charity shop in Pickering. I decided Id
have no trouble cycling it, its only twelve miles and Ive done it often enough.
I didnt even bother to pack the puncture repair kit.
The predictable puncture occurred at the exact moment that it was too late to
go back and mend it, so I just had to carry on cycling with a flat tyre. This has
three effects. Firstly, it knackers the tyre up. Secondly, its much harder and
slower. Thirdly, every human being in a ten mile radius comes out of their
house to point at you and say "your tyres flat, mate," as if youre a foreigner
who just doesnt understand the British way of cycling.
Amazingly, I was only ten minutes late, and managed to bullshit my way
through. Apparently the main job is to sort out the clothes and discard any
that are too unfashionable, fairly innovative thinking for a charity shop I would
have thought. At the end of the interview they told me that the next step was
to apply for the job in writing. Standard procedure is to do it the other way
round, and I presume I was just being given the brush-off. Probably because
their doubts over whether I could actually get there on time were met with a
demonstration of me failing to do so.
I suppose I havent actually been rejected yet, but if I cant even get a
part-time job sorting clothes in a charity shop then Ive come to a very pretty
pass indeed, as I thought to myself on the twelve mile walk home.
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