October 7th, 2001


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Last night my life as a long-distance Goth led me and Anne to a place in Stockton, for a
night called "Decadence". These names always seem to promise more than
they deliver - you never find Goth nights called "Pose" or "Anti-social". The
event was held in a large greenhouse which gave us a view of the local wildlife
outside, in all their hen-nighted and testosterone-soaked glory.
Necessary ingredients for a successful Goth night:
1. A pissed person who falls over Anne and almost gets punched in
2. Normal people who have made the effort of putting on a black shirt, and
spend the night doing ironic country-dancing (actually I rather like this - "Bow
down before the one you serve, and do-se-do your partner"):
3. Wacky Goth cover versions - "Wuthering Heights" and "Eleanor Rigby"
being in evidence last night:
4. Either: a. At least two people youve never met in your life greeting you
Or: b. Someone youve never met before looking at you somewhat huffily,
wondering why youre acting as if youve never met them before.
I have problems recognising people at the best of times, and its worse with
Goths because a) they all look the same and b) theres no point asking "Have I
seen you at Whitby?" because the answer is always yes.
Given that we were in a glass house, I was rather disturbed when a
Christian friend threw a bisexual stone at me. "Hmm, my experience is that
these are people who cant make up their minds what to be," she said. Bloody
Christians - they cant decide if theyre Jews or Muslims.
Actually it was all rather fun, we saw Star Industry who were okay and got to
meet a few friends that we wont see so much since the Goth nights in Whitby
seem to be history. And the best thing about Goth nights is that its the only
place where no one asks you "so, whats Goth actually about?"