Neil Hudson (neilhudson) wrote,
Neil Hudson


I found this to be one of the better Bicons, plenty of chatting, chilling and extracting money from people who actually think I'm contributing to the community. I even made it to three workshops, probably my Bicon limit, in one of which I shared too much and the other two I didn't share anything. I don't want to go into too many details though in case I write it all up as a zine page and then can't use it because I gave it away free on my blog.

You know this is an advert. Anyone who still wants a copy of Bike Immunity news can get it here. I was also selling my new self-published collection of stories The End of the World: A User's Guide, information and buying opportunities can be found here.

Many thanks to all those people (and there seem to have been a lot of you) who supported these ventures, and to everyone who just stopped for a chat.

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