Neil Hudson (neilhudson) wrote,
Neil Hudson

Surely time for an update.

Anne and I stayed in a hotel in Workington for my birthday, using a voucher that we’d got off Richard and Rhona - very nice but I had to pretend to have a broken leg and be on my honeymoon to get away with it. We spent the day driving around an area which was disappointingly spelt “Wrynose”, and consisted of all the hills and bends that were left over from the roads in the rest of the country. We found a Roman fort which was too out of the way to be any kind of tourist attraction, so we had it to ourselves - not all of it was well-preserved but half of it was still there. We also rescued a goat which had got its head stuck in a fence. Goats: gratitude costs nothing. We went to Windermere the next day as Anne was reliving her childhood and insisted on going on the ferry, which wasn’t so much like a ferry as I understand it but was really a piece of road that was towed across the lake.
In writing news, my story “The Mistake Bureau” has been accepted by The First Line, and in fact they seem to have published it already.

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