Neil Hudson (neilhudson) wrote,
Neil Hudson

My livejournal is still subject to a two-week delay. We had a good time at Whitby, with a couple of odd experiences. I got seriously hit on within about five minutes of entering the Spa, when the woman next to me at the bar began to tell me how cute I was with an amount of physical contact that wasn’t really necessary to make the point. When she realised that I was here with someone else, she said that she hoped it had done my ego some good, although I think this depends on whether she was won over by my enigmatic good looks and astonishing personal magnetism, or whether I was just nearest.

Then when we came out of the Spa on Saturday night, two fairly disreputable-looking blokes came up and asked if they could have a photo. They said they’d been looking for someone suitably dressed all night. It then turned out that they wanted to be in it as well, so a friend of theirs took a photo of the four of us, looking as if we were all friends. We were then surprised to see them scuttle away onto the tour bus, and we could only assume that they were roadies.

Further research on google images reveals that in fact, New Model Army wanted a photo with us.

Unfortunately the weekend was utterly scuppered when we discovered that one of our oldest friends had died unexpectedly. I remain torn between not being able to believe it, and wondering how the fuck he made it past 1970. We went to the funeral on Wednesday, he was being cremated but we all had to leave before the curtains were drawn and the body was taken away, because he’d never been the first to leave a party when he was alive and wasn’t going to start now.
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